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Oompah News ! The 1 new Single every 6wks Challenge!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Hi, Adrian Hormone Howe here with some Oompah Roundabout news!

My Mentor and good mate in Ireland, Rob Mac of Start Up Music Mentors

has put a challenge to me to release a new single every 6 weeks in 2020!

After some thought iv'e decided to take him up on this challenge!

So, from a date to be announced thats what i'll be attempting to do!

2020 is shaping up, with luck and lots of fun work, to be a big year for

The Oompah Roundabout!

I'm planning on making a video series on my journey for you to watch and follow my progress.

All of my songs will be up on The Oompah Roundabout Spotify Page for you to stream!


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